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Ed Smith, member of the ITP (Institute of Telecom Professionals) interviews the organisers to find out how the preparations are going and what to expect from the congress. Read his article here.


Complete programme online

The first draft of the full congress programme has been published, so don't hesitate to browse the programme to get some details. The partner programme has been published as well.


More info and new names will follow in the coming weeks.

Only 8 days until congress start
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Smart Cities

where technology supports socio-economic development

Today, multiple sources estimate that by 2050, about 70% of the population will live in cities. Furthermore, cities compete on a global level to attract entrepreneurial talent and successful businesses. It is hence of crucial importance that cities offer the best living and working conditions for its citizens as well as visitors.

Digital technology allows to bring new solutions and opportunities to the city, such as automation based on smart sensor applications, sharing knowledge based on open data platforms, and improvements on traffic planning, energy generation and consumption, social interactions, etc.

Both come together in the concept of a smart city: a municipality that uses information and communication technologies to increase operational efficiency, share information with the public and improve both the quality of government services and citizen welfare.

Given that the digital technology is now ready, and that there is demand by the citizens and visitors of the smart city, the main challenge is to bring the solutions and exploit the opportunities in the most efficient way.<

This conference aims at tackling the issues raised by introducing digital technologies in smart cities, including both theoretical as well as practical aspects, considered from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

Read the Call for Papers for more info.

Time flies, don't get surprised by how fast things go...

Monday 15 Apr 2019

The submission deadline
is already over

Sunday 30 Jun 2019

All notifications of acceptance were sent

Saturday 31 Aug 2019

Though not early bird,
tickets are still affordable


Days until
congress start
Wednesday 25 Sep 2019

Why Ghent...

Because Lonely Planet has called our city “Europe’s best kept secret” and a must see destination, and more recently “a city small enough to feel cosy but big enough to stay vibrant”.

Because National Geographic Traveler Magazine has listed our city as the most authentic historic city in the world and full of life.

Because you must witness with your own eyes what Napoleon and the mysterious thief of “the Just Judges” panel already knew: The Mystic Lamb really is key to European art history.

Because Ghent is at the crossroads of the most important inland waterways in Flanders.

Because the city comes to life again after sunset.

And of course because you like to get off the beaten track.

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Partner - Ghent University